This is KKUM , was formed on the 31st May 1968. Initially, it only supplied books for the campus community. Now, it has grown into a respected organisation that involved directly in book industry of the country. Starting from bookstores at Pekanbuku, University Malaya, KKUM has embarked on other business activities for the benefit of its members.

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1 ) Hadiah Kecermelangan Akademik - Registration Form


Administration of the organization and cooperative membership. It also link with Account Department to handles all payment and company accounts.


Supplies books for university staffs, student and public. It offers a wide range of academic books, general fiction, children, magazine, video.


The mini market provides groceries, stationeries, souvenirs and other student needs. It also being computer agent for brands such as IBM and others.

Rumah Universiti

Offers variety of food in Bilik Wau for buffet lunch and kafetaria offers lucnc and breakfast daily. From time to time there are food promotion and special menus.


Flight tickets to various destinations in the world can be purchased through this agency. Tour packages can also be arranged according to customer date.

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